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Armored Vehicle Grape makes the bugs whine.

Armored Vehicle Grape is a vehicle that the Air Raider can call on in Earth Defense Force 2025 and Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair.

Description Edit

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"Wait, if you're back here then who's driving?"

Amored Vehicle Grape is a fast, lightly-armored wheeled infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) equipped with a light howitzer or faster-firing armor-piercing automatic cannon in a limited-traverse turret, and is able to carry up to three additional infantry in the rear compartment. Unlike most vehicles with extra seats, there is nothing for troops sitting in the back to do other than ride along.

The transport compartment has three seats, but only displays one "get in" location marker at the rear of the vehicle; the seats in the rear are all filled using this one marker. Troops in the rear compartment can exit at any time by pressing the enter vehicle button again; the vehicle does not have to stop to let them out, and they will not suffer any consequences if they get out while it is moving.

The transport function is only useful for multiplayer modes, since even "recruited" allied NPCs will not get into the vehicle.

Strategy Edit

8892xEDF 2025 01022013 (10)

This is about as far as the turret is capable of turning.

Grape is a fairly situational vehicle which, like a real IFV, is intended to fight alongside infantry rather than on its own; if the latter is tried, its weak armor will quickly result in it being overwhelmed. It is very useful for a team consisting mostly of Rangers or other Air Raiders since it allows them to redeploy quickly, but of limited usefulness if the other players are Wing Divers or Fencers who know how to dash-cancel. It is also very useful for collecting Items due to its high mobility.

Grape manoeuvres a little awkwardly since it has fairly realistic eight-wheel steering; it does not like turning too tightly and cannot turn on the spot like a tank, and it has a very powerful engine that tends to make it jerk around on its suspension if power is applied too quickly. It also has some difficulty dealing with slopes compared to tracked vehicles. It is, however, nothing like as hard to handle as the SDL1.

The vehicle's turret traverse is limited to about 60 degrees in the frontal arc with elevation also somewhat limited: though it can engage aerial enemies, it has no way of hitting Transport Ships, Earth Eaters or a Quadruped Fortress. Because of its narrow arc of fire and inability to turn sharply on the spot, it is best off operating in a fixed position facing enemies, using its high speed to relocate if it is in danger of being overrun.

The armament varies: those with Howitzers have a slow fire rate and the lowest amount of ammunition, but the gun fires explosive shells with some splash damage. The trajectory is virtually flat, lacking the arc of the Howitzer weapons of the E551 Gigantus or BM03 Vegalta. Smooth-Bore Guns fire at the same rate and have slightly more ammunition, with higher direct damage and muzzle velocity but no splash damage; instead, their rounds will penetrate multiple enemies. The same applies to the Light Rapid-Fire Gun, which has double the rate of fire of the other guns and double the ammunition.

In 2025 all Grapes have substantial recoil, to the point they will move backward fairly quickly if their gun is fired forwards while they are parked, even if the brakes are applied (X button on a PS controller with default controls, a function only Grape and the SDL1 actually have); slow forward motion is needed just to stay in one place.

Grape is heavily re-tuned in 4.1, more so than any other vehicle in the game. All versions have their rate of fire doubled and their recoil significantly reduced, while those with penetrating guns have their ammo count doubled and their per-shot damage halved.

The change emphasises their primary role of engaging swarms and makes the vehicle more controllable when firing on the move.

It is easy to get on top of the Grape to place turrets, Posts and Vendors, and the vehicle's own small turret means that turrets placed on it are fairly unlikely to damage it. Notably, placing a Life Vendor on the vehicle will heal troops in the rear compartment, allowing it to act as an ersatz Caravan Armored Vehicle.

Variants Edit

All Armored Vehicle Grapes have a crew capacity of 4 and reload for 2,700 credits. Numbers in (brackets) indicate changed stats in EDF 4.1.

Level Name Health Armament Ammo Fire rate (shots / sec) Damage Firing range (m)
0 Armored Vehicle Grape 495 Howitzer 120 1.5 (3.0) 55 600
16 Armored Vehicle Grape AP1 810 Smooth-Bore Gun 160 (320) 1.5 (3.0) 216 (108) 600
32 Armored Vehicle Grape M2 1800 Howitzer 120 1.5 (3.0) 200 600
37 Armored Vehicle Grape RA 2160 Light Rapid-Fire Gun 400 (800) 3.0 (6.0) 360 (172) 600
50 Armored Vehicle Grape AP2 3150 Smooth-Bore Gun 160 (320) 1.5 (3.0) 840 (420) 600
66 Armored Vehicle Grape M9 4950 Howitzer 120 1.875 (3.0) 770 600
77 Armored Vehicle Grape RZ 9450 Light Rapid-Fire Gun 400 (800) 3.0 (6.0) 1575 (756) 600

Trivia Edit

  • Grape is based on a Stryker ICV with a fictional turret which seems to be loosely based on that of the Polish Rosomak IFV.
  • It is not at all clear why it is called "Grape." It is possible it is supposed to be "Gleip" as in Gleipnir, the binding that holds the great wolf Fenrir in Norse mythology, but this is a bit of a stretch.
  • The direct-fire weapon on some Grape versions would not be classified as a howitzer (which is a high-angle gun), but as a "gun" or "cannon."
  • The interior model is identical to that of the Caravan Armored Vehicle. This means the turret's barbette is not depicted; the internal layout would imply that rather than being a turret it is a remote gun installation.

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