Arrival is the 1st mission in Earth Defense Force 2017.

Basic Information Edit

Earth Defense Force 2017 - Mission 107:43

Earth Defense Force 2017 - Mission 1. Arrival

MISSION: Arrival

OBJECTIVE: An Extraterrestrial spaceship has appeared above the city. The alien force is so large in number that it covers the entire sky. Negotiations are currently underway, but in case of an emergency, all Ranger Teams and Storm Teams are to report to their designated posts.



Enemies Edit

  • Black Terror Ants
Levels: Earth Defense Force 2017
1-10 ArrivalInvasionMeleeLandingSearchAirforceTakedownMobilizationTsugawaArms
11-20 InfiltrationReinforcementRetaliationFortressBlockadeMultiplicationNestingDino-MechUmbraAtrillery
21-30 CrimsonTrappedExpansionInterceptionDescent 1Descent 2Descent 3Descent 4AssaultAnchored
31-40 AdvanceMarchSurpriseBreachSweepThunderEruptionSurroundedLegionReturn
41-50 OccupationKingSpearheadExtermination 1Extermination 2Extermination 3UprisingWrathEliteUnknown
51-53 ConvergenceInfernoStarship

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