Busy Work is the second level of the third and final chapter of EDF: Insect Armageddon, making it the twelfth level in all. In this level, Ops makes mention of the Cube, albeit cryptically as full disclosure is classified. Intel does not make an appearance.

Basic InformationEdit

EDF IA 3-2 Busy Work

EDF IA 3-2 Busy Work

Twelfth level gameplay footage

MISSION: Busy Work
OBJECTIVE: New Detroit
SECTOR: Financial District

Ravagers are massing to take the base back. Time for a counter attack.

Zero-Kill XP:
Previous Mission: Downtown
Following Mission: The Package


  • Gear up and head for the objective.
    • Destroy all Ravagers.
    • Destroy all three Anthills.
    • Eliminate all remaining Ravagers.
    • Rendezvous with Echo Squad and resupply.
    • Move to the marked sector.
  • Eliminate all Ravagers.
  • Proceed to the rally point.
    • Await further orders. [ENDS MISSION]


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