Downtown is the first level of the third and final chapter of EDF: Insect Armageddon, making it the eleventh level in all.

Basic InformationEdit

EDF IA 3-1 Downtown11:07

EDF IA 3-1 Downtown

Eleventh level gameplay footage

MISSION: Downtown

OBJECTIVE: New Detroit

SECTOR: Financial District

Time to take back Central Field HQ.

Zero-Kill XP:

Previous Mission: The Cube

Following Mission: Busy Work


  • Proceed to the waypointed base.
    • Eliminate all Ravagers.
    • Proceed with assault on the base.
  • Defeat the Ravager counterattack.
  • Move to the rally point.
    • Await further orders. [ENDS MISSION]


Levels in Insect Armageddon
Chapter 1 Invasion AlertFirebase ClydeOn the RunDitchslapThe Daddy
Chapter 2 IndustryPredationTrash IslandHectoredThe Cube
Chapter 3 DowntownBusy WorkThe PackageMushroomsBig Trouble

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