EDF soldiers

Picture of 4 Rangers, Storm soldier (maybe Storm 1) and 4 captains, armed with standard issue AF14 and Stingray M1.

The Earth Defense Force (often abbreviated EDF) is formed from all nations of Earth and was created in the event that alien life could be a threat to Earth and the only choice was force.


In 2013 scientists discovered cryptic communications from deep space, which from what could be deciphered meant that the Earth would soon have visitors.

In 2015 after many failed attempts to contact the creators of the communication signals, a decision was made to form the Earth Defence Force, or EDF, as a contingency plan.

In 2017 waves of aliens, dubbed "the Ravagers", swarmed and attacked Earth in an attempt to overtake it.

Fate had arrived, and the Earth Defence Force was deployed.

However the invaders returned again on July 12, 2019. Two years after the "great war" of 2017. The city was being rebuilt at an astonishing rate ironically by using the same technology used by the attackers. The GDF (Global Defence Force) was sent, having been shut down, was back in business, ready once again to preserve peace on Earth.*

  • Editors note: Since the EDF is formed from all armies in the world and according to the Global Defence Force manual that they number at roughly 300,000 Foot Soldiers all over the world, it very likely that the GDF is a part of the EDF. This is why I have NOT made a seperate topic covering the GDF.

Background InformationEdit

The general headquarters lie in North America and remote branch offices are position strategically around the world.

The members of the EDF are known for their devout attention to duty and scarce supply of the best equipment, for their incredible willpower put into them from their training to specifically defend Earth from unpredictable diverse alien invaders, who may have powers and technology that will require quick thinking and improvising to match. Despite the overwhelming odds and despite being heavily outnumbered, the EDF continue to fight to defend the planet to this day.



The Earth Defence force infantry is broken into three specialty groups. The Reconnaissance Scout Squadron who are made up of lightly armed troops that possess superior mobility and utilise stealth and confusion techniques to complete their ops.

The Ranger Squadron who is used for tactical support and heavy combat and the Storm Squadron who specialise in lightning-fast assaults and missions that require specialised skill sets.

Each branch of the EDF infantry use squads of 10 men, which are sometimes divided into smaller fire-teams for missions. Each squad is commanded by an EDF Captain who has the authority to command any of the smaller squadrons on the field' they are signified by their red helmets.

Global Defence ForceEdit

Pale Wing Special Forces is an Elite Squadron armed with aircraft and optical weaponry. They were created after the "great war", they have specialised aircraft and weaponry at their disposal and can fly in the air at incredible speeds.

Note: Pale Wing Special Forces is similar to the jet armor found in Insect Armageddon.


E551 Gigantus Battle Tank (Monster Attack, Global Defence Force, 2017 and Insect Armageddon)Edit

The tank was developed exclusively for the Earth Defence Force it is equipped with advanced/reactive armor plating making its defensive plating truly astounding. It is armed with a 120mm cannon designed to blow away enemies and buildings at will with devastating effect. It also has 2 machine guns mounted to either side (only on Insect Armageddon) that combined with medium speed, powerful cannon and thick armor makes it a formidable vehicle to challenge.

SDL2 Airbike (Monster Attack, Global Defence Force and 2017)Edit

A state-of-the-art hover bike equipped with a 7.62mm machine gun. The air bike hovers allowing it to zoom along any terrain and its lack of armor makes its speed crucial to escape approaching threats, and vital to rescue missions. While the machine gun is powerful against single enemies it is designed to hold back the enemy or to be used in a ditch effort final stand.

EF24 Bazelato Combat Helicopter (Monster Attack, Global Defence Force 2017)Edit

This high performance assault helicopter was developed by the EDF for their own use. Its 30mm UT machine gun can rip through swarms of unarmored enemies while the missile system was designed to pack a mean punch against heavily armored enemies. The ability to rise quickly gives a distinct advantage in urban combat, however it was proven in action to be obsolete when put up against the ravager gunships.

Battle Machine Vegalta (2017)Edit

A heavily armored battle machine designed specifically to combat the Ravagers.

Its impressive arsenal consists, of a gatling gun, a rocket launcher, and a flame thrower. This trio of deadly arms allowed it to be effective in any situation. Flame throwers were used against insects up close, gatling gun was used to hold off insects and to clear the skies of enemy gunships with its terrifying rate of fire (and a unique system found only in some EDF vehicles of 2017 that prevented overheating) and the rockets were used to blow up Hectors MkI and MkII. The disadvantage was its very slow turning and speed, to redeem this flaw EDF engineers installed a short flight system which increased its manoeuverability, a little, but not quite enough.

Mech (Insect Armageddon)Edit

The Mech is a lightweight version with the same principle of the Vegalta Battle Machine. It was made to rapidly fire rockets with somewhat accuracy and to pin down enemies with great fire. However it now overheats due to it being lightweight and not as clunky as the Vegalta. The Mech's form allows them to be freely dropped from landers, which is a considerably great advantage, assuming the lander isn't shot down by gunships.

Standard Issue EquipmentEdit

Earth Defence Force 2017Edit

Standard issue on the day of Invasion in 2017 was the following:

''' AF14 '________________________ Stingray M1

Capacity: 120 rounds_____________ Capacity: 2 rockets

Rate of fire: 12.0/seconds__________ Rate of fire: 1.0/seconds

Damage: 10.0____________________ Damage: 100

Reload time: 1.5 seconds___________ Reload time: 1.8 seconds

Range: 150 meters________________ Range: 3000 meters

Accuracy: B______________________ Accuracy: A+

Insect ArmageddonEdit

Trooper armor is Stand Issue for the Soldiers of the Earth Defence Force, with 300 hit points.

The following are standard issue weapons by type

Norwoof AR-F Damage: 22 Fire rate: 10.0/seconds Ammo: 45 rounds Reload time: 3.0 seconds (Assault Rifle)

Beezy Remhud U/01 Damage: 159 Fire rate: 0.75/seconds Ammo: 6 rockets Reload time: 2.25s Blast area:7m (Rocket Launcher)

Levitcus O1W Damage: 161 Fire Rate: 1.43/seconds Ammo: 4 missles Reload time: 1.80s Manual locks 1x0.30 Turn Rate: D Blast area: 2m (Missle Launcher)

Boerboel k Damage: 16 Fire Rate: 10.00/seconds Ammo: 100 rounds Reload time: 2.70 seconds (Machine gun)

Quick comparison

AF14 damage/per second: 120___________ Norwoof AR-F damage/per second: 220

Af14 damage in clip: 1200_______________ Norwood AR-F damage in clip: 990

Stingray M1 damage/per second: 100______ Beezy Remhud U/01 damage/per second: 119

Stingray M1 damage in clip: 200___________ Beezy Remhud U/01 damage in clip: 954