Earth Defense Force 5 (地球防衛軍5 Chikyū Bōeigun Faibu) is the fifth main installment in the series and eighth overall including Global Defense Force Tactics, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, and Earth Defense Force 4.1: Wing Diver The Shooter. Developed by Sandlot and published by D3 Publisher, the game was released for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on December 6, 2017. The game will be released simultaneously in the United States and Europe on December 11, 2018, as a digital exclusive for the PlayStation 4. Earth Defense Force 5 departs from the continuity established by Earth Defense Force 2017 and Earth Defense Force 2025/4.1, and is set in a new continuity where the Earth Defense Force is a private military corporation and sees action for the first time in the year 2022.

Soldier ClassesEdit

Earth Defense Force 5 features the same four soldier classes present in Earth Defense Force 2025 and 4.1. The player can set armor values for all classes and change their colors. Every class has two appearances; one they start with at the beginning of the game and then standard EDF armor, given to the player around 16 missions into the main game.

For the first time in the series, you now unlock extra armor and weapons for classes that you're not even playing as. However, the other classes only gain half the amount of armor as you would while playing them, and they unlock fewer weapons too.

When the player collects a duplicate weapons, there is chance it will upgrade the weapon. Every stat of the weapon has the potential to be increased, and its current power level is indicated with a star next to the stat. A blank star shows it can still be upgraded, whereas a white star means that stat is now maxed out. When a weapon is fully upgraded, a star appears next to its name.

Soldier Classes now also come with extra slots for stat boosts and equipment. For example, the Ranger can gain boosts to item acquisition range or running speed, where as the Wing Diver can upgrade her energy reserves to store more than 100.

Ranger - Flexible and adaptable basic infantry with weapons suited to just about any situation. Their equipment slot can be used as either a buff, or to call in a bike, a tank or a helicopter. New to EDF 5, the Ranger can now sprint. The Ranger begins the game as a security guard.

Wing Diver - An airborne class that use high tech energy weaponry and jet packs. Her equipment slot can be used to increase her energy reserves and recharge time. New to EDF 5, she has a boost which is most effective in the air. Using this she can charge forwards, backwards and side to side, allowing her to dodge in mid-air. When used on the ground, it is much less effective.

Air Raider- A support class specialized in the assistance of infantry, able to deploy health recovery field generators and force shields, summon vehicles into the battlefield and order air raids over designated targets. His equipment slot can be used to enhance his weapons and vehicles. The Air Raider begins the game as a mechanic.

Fencer- A heavy soldier equipped with a powered exoskeleton and jet boosters, able to carry oversized weaponry, melee weapons and use a special shield. The class is able to use two pairs of weapons. His equipment slot can be used to enhance his weapon charges and boosts. The Fencer begins the game as a construction worker wearing a power frame.

Gameplay Edit

Earth Defense Force 5 follows the same gameplay style as the previous 4.1,and by extension pretty much every Earth Defense Force game made by Sandlot. At the start of the game, the player cannot select the difficulties Hardest or Inferno, however this becomes unlocked after beating the game once.

Unlike 4.1, some missions now contain pre-placed vehicles, normally being civilian vehicles that the player can occupy.

Single Player Edit

The single player campaign features 110 missions, the highest number of any EDF game to date (not counting DLC). Some missions now contain story elements to follow, such as Mission 1, where the player receives training of the game's controls from an EDF Ranger. Other levels require the player to follow a certain squad of soldiers in order to progress through the mission.

Curiously, unlike EDF 4.1, caves are no longer pitch black, but are lit by a faint ambient light.


Returning Enemies:

New Enemies:

  • Teleport Anchor - This game's version of a Tunnel Exit. Curiously, tunnel exits do make appearances in some missions, but are purely cosmetic and no giant insects come out of them. They come in two types: Gold and Red. The red ones are tougher and spawn enemies in larger numbers.
  • Colonist - This game's version of the Hector. They look like giant frogs and come in various forms. Their limbs can be severed if they sustain enough damage, but regrow after a certain amount of time. Green Colonists usually use a machine gun, whereas Red Colonists are often seen using a shotgun.
  • Cosmonauts - Another enemy that serves to replace the Hector. They look like traditional grey aliens and are covered in armor which must be destroyed before the player can cause damage. At first they only use assault rifles, but later in the game they can be seen with shotguns, rocket launchers and flame throwers. They also wear thicker armor at the end of the game.
  • Aggressive Alien Species Gamma - Not seen since Global Defence Force, these giant pillbugs roll around really fast and knock the player off their feet when they hit.
  • Winged Aggressor - They replace the dragons in this game. Despite looking like frogs, they still fly and spit fire like dragons. They come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large, and how hard it is to kill them increases with their size. They are implied to be the "tadpole" form of the Colonists.
  • Archelus - A new kaiju enemy similar to Erginus, but with greater defense. It can roll around and fire exploding rocks from its back.
  • Type 2 Drone - A more powerful flying vehicle that appears later in the game. It seems to be this game's replacement for the Flight Vehicle from the previous game. It resembles a Deroy without any legs.
  • There is also a new alien form that fills the purpose of a final boss, which many EDF Soldiers refer to as a God. However, being the last boss, maybe it's best not to spoil it here seeing that it's not even out in the west yet.

Downloadable ContentEdit

Earth Defense Force 5 has an available season pass in Japan, which guarantees players access to all downloadable content as it is released. D3 Publisher confirmed that DLC would include both mission packs and aesthetic modifications such as skins for weapons and armor.

The first mission pack, Additional Mission Pack 1: Extra Challenge (追加ミッションパック1 「エキストラチャレンジ」, Tsuika Misshon Pakku Wan Ekisutora Charenji), was released in Japan on April 11, 2018, and costs 1,200 yen on the PlayStation Store. It consists of more than 10 new missions designed to be especially challenging, featuring extremely powerful and rare enemy types from the campaign as common enemies and introducing new enemy types such as armored variants of the Colonists. It also introduces more than 30 new weapons among the four classes that can be unlocked by picking up weapon items.

The second mission pack, Additional Mission Pack 2: Super Challenge (追加ミッションパック2 スーパーチャレンジ, Tsuika Misshon Pakku Tsū Sūpā Charenji), will be released in Japan on May 17, 2018.

What Else We KnowEdit

The Japanese reveal trailer showcases classes which are similar to the previous game's Ranger and Wing Diver (it was initially stated the latter class was returning to the name Pale Wing, at least in Japan, but the latest trailer uses "Wing Diver"), a spindly mech resembling the old BM03 Vegalta, and a new main battle tank design based on the German Leopard 2 rather than the old Abrams-derived E551 Gigantus.

A new Fencer class has also been confirmed. A special Fencer unit called the "Grim Reapers" has been mentioned, as well as some rather curious images showing Fencer-derived hardware being used by civilian construction workers, perhaps implying that it will be possible to recruit civilian fighters as allies in the new game. From the description, the game will also have a more complex plot for the main characters, since it is stated that "one of the protagonists" is a civilian worker who becomes a Fencer during the course of the game's events. Similarly, the official website's page on EDF soldiers (click the four tabs) shows the Wing Diver with three different outfits, one a pink suit with a simplistic jetpack, one an outfit similar to a Pale Wing and one close to the 2025 Wing Diver suit, and the Ranger seems to start out as a security guard at a military base.

The Air Raider has now also been confirmed as a class, with the character starting out as a talented civilian engineer called to the EDF base to repair a vehicle. The description of the Air Raider's role given in the linked article implies he is a type of soldier referred to in real life as a "Forward Air Controller." There have been numerous refinements to his equipment which are probably why he was the last to be revealed, including the ability to designate air strikes by placing the marker directly in an isometric view instead of throwing a grenade. It has also been revealed that at least one type of strike, Autocannon A, uses a 15-second reload timer instead of Reload Credits: this does not require it to be equipped. The EMC tanks seen in one preview mission are confirmed to be usable vehicles, and a new version of the Caravan Armored Vehicle has also been shown. The Vegalta-style mech is called the Nyx, and appears to be largely the same: in one livestreamed preview session it had no collision detection with scenery such as lampposts passing straight through it, but this is probably because the game is unfinished.

The game features a new decal system, which is used to paint surfaces with effects such as alien blood, explosion craters and bullet holes. This is very noticeable when a Teleportation Ship crashes into the ground, leaving a large impact crater. These decals are also used on the enemies, providing a way of showing physical damage on their models.

The game features various weather effects, including rain, snow and even sandstorms. The first two act as mainly cosmetic changes, where as the sandstorm greatly hampers visibility.

The date given in the trailer is 2022, and it has been confirmed that this is a reboot of the series and it means that humanity is encountering alien invaders, this time called "Primers," for the first time all over again. This would mean it is a remake of Monster Attack much as 2017 was.

The game was released in Japan on December the 7th, 2017 on PS4. Currently, there has been no announcement of the game coming to other platforms, or when it will be localized for western audiences.

Curiously, the of the recent trailers calls the game EDF 4.4. It is not clear why.

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