Floating City Adan

Nickname as flying city or also floating city this new mothership are reappeared first in mission 36-Resolution on global defence force.It came from a massive time space that the ravager transport it into earth (Like a large/massive energy explosion when it appear in the sky.The flying city are got 9 Part that need to be destroy all at once when fight them.

The fying city release a rain of laser from it many cannon
  1. The Rapier cannon-It is sprouting some kind of guns that very similiar to Imperial guards attack.When you go in higher difficulty (Hardest,Inferno) It is start to launch a red laser attack that drain health really Quick (Same to attack of flying Vecihle in Earth defence force 4.1)
  2. The Laser cannon (Green one)-It was all hanging under the floating city and so many About (50+) it launch long range green laser that are very dangerous to player because unlike other cannon that can shoot when we are in close range with them (Recomended To destroy them first before take another cannon) This laser attack are very similiar to Earth eaters attcak on Earth defence force 4.1 or Earth defence force 2025.
  3. The 2 laser cannon (Blue)-It was similiar to first cannon but only attack when we close to them and deal more damage,(About 41-50 In inferno).This cannon are reload fast and attcak player very accurately.
  4. Plasma Cannon-This cannon are launching a plasma attack that are Very dangerous and can shoot a bit long rang (Rather than Blue cannon and the rapier cannon) And a bit hard to destroy because it is hit with this cannon can deal 500 damage(On inferno).
  5. Genocide cannon-This cannon are similiar to mothership attack that create a massive energy ball that can blast up tp 70 Meters range and deal 5000 damage.This cannon are strong and take 2 hits with Lysander F on Inferno (Note:I got Lysander Z and it only took 1 hit to this cannon On inferno dificulty)
  6. Shield cannon-As long as this cannon on you cannot attack everything behind this shild screen Because it blocked all your kind attack and this shield cannot be destroy except you destroy the 4 Cannon for 1 shield and 2 cannon for 2 shield.This shield can't attack but they do cast the energy that create the shield.(This shield are very similiar to Shield bearer in Earth defence force 2025 and 4.1)
  7. The hanging core-This core are where the place of imperial guards are out and there are about 8 in the floating city (Not the main core)
  8. The missile cannon-Only set off by the floating city when you are destroy all the layer of the shield.this cannon are splashing a lot of missile that deal a massivce damage.(Note:You will be safe if you hide behind the building because it can't go through building).This cannon take 2 Hits with Lysander Z and 3 hits with Lysander F.
  9. The Main core-The main part of the floating city that can only be attack when it is open and can drop imperial guards too.


1.Floating city are inspired the earth eaters in the Earth defence force 4.1 and 2025

2.The energy ball that first appear on mission 36 is blue,but in the next level it colored black

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