Screenshot of the loadout screen in Insect Armageddon. The jet armor is selected.

The loadout screen lets players choose their armor type, weapons, and equipment.

EDF: 2017Edit

Both players use the same save file, which must be manually selected to load and save. Only the standard Ranger class is available. Equipment uses a weapon slot and both players can use all the weapons they have unlocked. Other than the starting weapons, weapons are unlocked exclusively by picking them up in game.

EDF: Insect ArmageddonEdit


The game automatically stores each player's choices for each armor. Additionally, each armor upgrades separately and has different weapons and special abilities/equipment available to them. Weapons and equipment are unlocked as new tiers are unlocked by gaining experience in game.


Any two weapons can be equipped at one time. Some weapons need to be unlocked before they can be used. Some are unlocked automatically at the start of the game, others are unlocked by acquiring weapon packs during gameplay. Others are bought with credits once the proper tier is reached.


Only useable by the Tactical class, these provide a distinct advantage during combat. Up to three slots can be unlocked. One at the first tier and a second at the second tier.


  • In EDF: IA, the first 4 times a player plays the game, they will be presented with the option to unlock a new armor type on this screen, unlocking a new armor is required. Since the player can switch to a previously unlocked armor directly afterwards, this is just a formality and an attempt to make the player experience each armor.
  • In EDF: IA, armor colors are just for fun and there is no cost to change between them.
  • In EDF: 2017, players must select their weapons one at a time, but with the advent of a split loadout screen in EDF: IA, both players may choose their weapons at the same time but can no longer change each other's weapons.