A TrapAchievementsActive reload
Air ForceAir RaiderAir Raider (IfPS)
Armored Vehicle GrapeArrivalArtillery
Artillery TeamAssault RiflesBM03 Vegalta
BMX10 ProteusBattle ArmorBattle Drone
Beach FearBig TroubleBomber Spider
BrainBreaking ThroughBusy Work
C BombCaravan Armored VehicleCarriers
Charon Tactical BomberColonistCosmonauts
Daddy Long LegsDarogaDay of the Demons
Depth CrawlerDeroyDifficulty Levels
DitchslapDowntownDragon Centipede
DragonsE551 GigantusE651 Titan
EDF AircraftEF24 BazelartEF31 Nereid
Earth Defense ForceEarth Defense Force: Insect ArmageddonEarth Defense Force 2017
Earth Defense Force 2025Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet SpaceEarth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair
Earth Defense Force 5Earth EaterElite
Epsilon Armored RailgunErginusEruption
FarmingFencerFirebase Clyde
Flight VehicleFloating City AdanFortress Aircraft Carrier Despina
Fortress SiegeGenocide GunGiant Robots
Global Defence ForceGlobal Defense Force TacticsGreater Wild Dragon
Grenade LaunchersGunshipHQ
HU04 BruteHectorHectored
Homing Plasma LauncherHondaHornet
Interact ButtonInto the DepthsInvasion
Invasion AlertItemsJet Armor
Land CollapseLanderLanding Ship
Large Transport ShipLaser Guide KitLevels
LeviathanLimpet GunLoadout Screen
Maps (2025 and 4.1)Missile LaunchersMonster Attack
Naegling Self-Propelled Rocket LauncherNew DetroitNightmare in England
NothungOharaOn the Run
OpsPale WingPesticide Weapons
Plasma LauncherPortersPredation
Preventing LandfallQuadruped FortressRanger
RetiariusRobotic Praying MantisRocket Launchers
Rule of GodSDL1Saurous
Sceptrum III BattletankSetting SunShield Bearer
Shining StrongholdShotgunsSilver City
Sniper RiflesSpecial WeaponsSpiders
Spreading DisasterSteel BeastStorm Team
Strike Force LightningSullySuper Bomber
Tactical ArmorTactics OfficerTakedown
Teleport AnchorThe Bugs' RevengeThe Cube
The DaddyThe Earth Defense Force WikiThe Package
The ReturnTickersTrash Island
Trooper ArmorTurretTurret (Vehicle)
Underground CaveUnderworld 2Underworld 4
VallakValley ShadowsVehicle
Walking Fortress BalamWaspsWeapons
WhaleWind BreakWing Diver
Winged War GoddessZE-GUNZero-Kill XP
Zoom Scope

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