A TrapAchievementsActive reload
Air ForceAir RaiderAir Raider (IfPS)
ArgoArmored Vehicle GrapeArrival
ArtilleryArtillery TeamAssault
Assault RiflesBM03 VegaltaBMX10 Proteus
Battle ArmorBattle DroneBeach Fear
Big TroubleBlue FightersBomber Spider
BrainBreaking ThroughBrute Force
Busy WorkC BombCaravan Armored Vehicle
CarriersCharge Phase 1Charge Phase 2
Charge Phase 3Charon Tactical BomberColonist
CrossingDaddy Long LegsDaroga
Day of the DemonsDenseDepth Crawler
DeroyDifficulty LevelsDitchslap
DowntownDozing BeastDragon Centipede
DragonsE551 GigantusE651 Titan
EDF AircraftEF24 BazelartEF31 Nereid
EMCEarth DefendersEarth Defense Force
Earth Defense Force: Insect ArmageddonEarth Defense Force: Iron RainEarth Defense Force 2017
Earth Defense Force 2025Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet SpaceEarth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair
Earth Defense Force 4.1: Wing Diver The ShooterEarth Defense Force 5Earth Eater
EliteEpsilon Armored RailgunErginus
Firebase ClydeFlight VehicleFloating City Adan
Fortress Aircraft Carrier DespinaFortress SiegeGenocide Gun
Giant RobotsGlobal Defence ForceGlobal Defense Force Tactics
Greater Wild DragonGrenade LaunchersGunship
HQHU04 BruteHector
HectoredHigh-SpeedHoming Plasma Launcher
IntelInteract ButtonInto the Depths
InvasionInvasion AlertItems
Jet ArmorLand CollapseLander
Landing ShipLarge Transport ShipLaser Guide Kit
LevelsLeviathanLimpet Gun
Loadout ScreenMaps (2025 and 4.1)Missile Launchers
Monster AttackMothershipMountain Pass Trap
MushroomsMutantsNaegling Self-Propelled Rocket Launcher
Natural CalamityNew DetroitNightmare in England
NothungOharaOn the Run
OpsPale WingPesticide Weapons
Plasma LauncherPortersPredation
Preventing LandfallQuadruped FortressRanger
RetiariusRobotic Praying MantisRocket Launchers
RollerRule of GodSDL1
SaurousSceptrum III BattletankSearch
Setting SunShield BearerShining Stronghold
ShotgunsSilver CitySniper Rifles
Special WeaponsSpidersSpreading Disaster
StarshipSteel BeastStorm Team
Strike Force LightningSullySuper Bomber
Tactical ArmorTactics OfficerTakedown
Teleport AnchorThe Bugs' RevengeThe Cube
The DaddyThe Earth Defense Force WikiThe Package
The ReturnThunderTickers
Trash IslandTrooper ArmorTurret
Turret (Vehicle)Underground CaveUnderworld 2
Underworld 4VallakValley Shadows
VehicleVoid ShipWalking Fortress Balam
WaspsWaterside BugsWeapons
WhaleWind BreakWing Diver
Winged AggressorWinged War GoddessZE-GUN
Zero-Kill XPZoom Scope

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