The Package is the fourth level of the third and final chapter of EDF: Insect Armageddon, making it the fourteenth level in all and the second-to-last level in the game. Ops acts very passive-aggressive towards Intel, upset that they would have Strike Force Lightning risk their lives for a mission that they don't even have full disclosure upon. Intel is none too keen about this, but goes ahead and reveals what the package is, as well as the mission parameters: Lightning is to be dropped near to a huge hive entrance, and is expected to clear the area of hostile Buggernauts so that the lander can drop the bomb.

This mission is the one and only one in Insect Armageddon to feature a fight with a Queen Ant. Once the player has reached the objective point for the nest, enemies will attack non-stop until all Anthills are destroyed; the player should make sure to mop up any enemy forces, especially the Hectors, before entering this area as the Queen will also appear. Even with all anthills destroyed, the Queen can still summon more foes to attack you in swarms, though these will only be regular Black Ants.

Ultimately, Strike Force Lightning kill the Queen, arms the Cube bomb, and are then trapped in the blast radius when their Lander is shot down. There will be no official extraction, and the team are left to fend for themselves.

Basic InformationEdit

EDF IA 3-4 Mushrooms

EDF IA 3-4 Mushrooms

Fourteenth level gameplay footage

MISSION: Busy Work
OBJECTIVE: New Detroit
SECTOR: Financial District

Intel remains tight lipped about Lightning's true mission. Things get hot.

Zero-Kill XP:
Previous Mission: The Package
Following Mission: Big Trouble (final mission)


  • Assault the marked location.
  • Destroy the Queen Ant.
    • Eliminate remaining Ravagers.
  • Move to the marked location.
    • Arm the bomb.
    • Move to the LZ for extraction.
    • Await orders.



  • At the beginning of this mission while proceeding towards the hive, civilians can be seen fleeing the area. There is no way that they would be able to escape the blast radius in time on foot, and thus this mission reveals that there are numerous collateral damage casualties from the mission.
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