"New Detroit still looks better than Old Detroit!" — Cyrus

New Detroit is the setting of Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, a fictionalized city based as a 'revitalized' version of the real life city of Detroit, Michigan in the United States. It consists of at least three districts: the Residential District on the outskirts of the city, the Industrial district, and the Financial district located downtown.

The city was eventually completely overrun by the Ravagers and drastic measures were taken to eliminate the nests. According to in-game radio chatter in Earth Defense Force 2017, all of these measures fail as the United States is listed, along with all other countries other than Japan, as having been defeated by the Ravager invasion.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • It is possible, though not proven, that this is intended as a reference to the 1980s sci-fi film, RoboCop, with its seriously dystopian view of Michigan, specifically the location known as "Old Detroit".
Levels in Insect Armageddon
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