Pesticide Rifle

Jet showing off his Pesticide Rifle

In EDF: Insect Armageddon, there are four weapons, one for each armor, that are know as the 'Pesticide Weapons'. These weapons are able to kill just about any enemy (as well as any soldier) as the explosion does 500,000 damage and the huge explosion is followed by a blinding light. When killing Ravagers, these can be extremely harmful to the EDF as ticks and spiders can sometimes jump in front of the shot and "sacrifice" themselves, generally resulting in the death of the entire Strikeforce Alpha. This is why one must exercise great care when using any of the Pesticide Weapons. The only enemies that can survive a blast from the Pesticide Weapons are the Hector MkII because of its shield which must be destroyed before it can actually be damaged, and the Queen Ant as her front and back sections each have about 1,000,000 health each in Inferno.

Pesticide SpecificsEdit

Pesticide Mortar

The Battle Armor possesses the Pesticide Mortar which is a 5-second timed-explosive grenade launcher. The grenade launcher typing of this severely limits the range and accuracy but is more than made up for with the battle shield's ability to take a direct hit from the gigantic explosion and leave the armor unscathed. Since it is such a long timed explosive, by the time the explosion has completed, the 15 second reload will almost be complete.

Pesticide Rifle

The Jet Armor, on the other hand, has the Pesticide Rifle which is extremely useful at long ranges (the only ranges safe for the pesticide weapons anyway) and also very accurate, allowing you to take down the Hector MkII with relative ease, while taking these down with anyone else is relatively difficult. Another advantage of this weapon is the 3.00 second reload, which is extremely fast compared to the 15 second reload of the other Pesticide Weapons.

It should be noted that firing the Pesticide Rifle will completely drain the Jet Armor's power reserves regardless of their current level, which significantly offsets the seemingly trivially short reload time compared to other Pesticide weapons, since the Jet Armor will be grounded and incapable of reloading for a few seconds. Jet Troopers are advised to keep their other weapon fully loaded prior to firing.

Pesticide Missile

The Tactical Armor has access to the Pesticide Missile, the only homing Pesticide Weapon. The risk here is that a moving enemy may come at you once the missle is launched and trap you in the explosion.

Pesticide Cannon

Lastly, the trooper has the Pesticide Cannon, a long range rocket launcher with exceptional accuracy. This is basically just the Pesticide Rifle but with less zoom and no sniper scope, making it slightly less useful but very fun to use nonetheless. Although this weapon also has a 15 second reload for each shot taken, it is really only about 8 seconds since the trooper's reload time is decreased as it levels up.

General Specs

Overall, the Pesticide Weapons each have their own strengths and weaknesses but are all very useful in taking down the Ravager swarms. Each one does 500,000 damage and has a 150m blast area. Most of them take quite a while to reload, up to 15 seconds, and there is no active reload for these weapons. Each armor unlocks their Pesticide Weapon once they reach tier 8. The Pesticide Weapons are most likely an homage to the Genocide Gun in EDF 2017, a 1,000,000 damage rocket launcher with a 50 meter explosion.


The Pesticide Weapons have been nicknamed "Nuke" as they have a blinding explosion associated with nuclear weapons.

Pesticide Weapons are considered essential for time saving on Inferno due to being able to kill Hectors, Mantis, Bomber spiders and other strong opponents quickly.