Predation is the second level of the second chapter of EDF: Insect Armageddon, making it the seventh level in all.

It is the first level in the game to feature the Robotic Praying Mantis, huge Ravager weapons by the time Lightning encounters them known for their resilience and strength, as well as their dangerous explosive range when destroyed.

Killing the Robotic Praying Mantis in this stage will also award the player with the Manticide achievement.

Basic InformationEdit

EDF IA 2-2 Predation

EDF IA 2-2 Predation

Seventh level gameplay footage

MISSION: Predation

OBJECTIVE: New Detroit

SECTOR: Industrial District

Strike Force Lightning must battle their way to the second crash site amidst reports of new Ravager types in the area.

Zero-Kill XP: XP

Previous Mission: Industry

Following Mission: Trash Island


  • Proceed to crash site.
    • Eliminate all Ravagers.
    • Continue on to the crash site.
    • Eliminate all Ravagers.
  • Destroy the Mantis and all Ravagers.
  • Proceed to the rally point.
    • Eliminate all Ravagers.
  • Move to the marked location. (ENDS MISSION)


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