A Sceptrum III commences a fearsome visual assault on a group of aesthetically sensitive ants.

The Sceptrum III is a fearsomely ugly tank that appears only in Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon.

Description Edit

Functioning as an odd cross between EDF 2017's E551 Gigantus and the later E651 Titan, the Sceptrum III has three crew positions, one for the driver who controls the main gun, and the other two a pair of small machine gun turrets on the forward hull that can fire to the front and sides of the vehicle. It appears pre-placed in certain maps, and as with other vehicles in Insect Armageddon it can be used by either human players or AI-controlled NPCs.

All weapons on the Sceptrum III have infinite ammunition.

Trivia Edit

  • It appears to be based primarily on a German Leopard tank with an AMX-13 like turret. Meanwhile, the Sceptrum III's multi-turret layout seems to be inspired by the Russian T-28, a medium tank known as "Stalin's Three-Headed Monster."
  • Sceptrum is the second declension form of the Latin word for "scepter."
  • The Japanese version changes the name to "TT-11 Triceratops."