The Bugs' Revenge is the thirty-second level in Global Defense Force and its port, Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space. During this mission, the Mothership is reported to have just fired its genocide cannon upon the city of Seattle, Washington, with incoming reports indicating that the city was completely destroyed in the process. It is then stated that it seems to be now moving on to New York City, New York as its next target.

At the end of this level, Intel and Ops both again indicate their shock that the large Buggernaut force was brought down by a solitary soldier.

Basic InformationEdit

Location: "A Ruined Town"

Explanation: The invaders have deployed another swarm of giant insects in a ruined town. They may be trying to rally for a final stand. If this many of them rush into a city, it'll be a total disaster. We must destroy them here and now, at any cost. Good luck.

Previous Mission: Centipede

Following Mission: Gathering Storm



This level consists of just one large push of Bau from three or four directions. Using a rapid homing weapon such as the Pale Wing's Mirage 5-Way is an easy way to whittle their numbers down before mopping up any stragglers. Similar weapon strategies for both Infantry and the Air Raider are advised.

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