The Daddy is the fifth level of the first chapter of EDF: Insect Armageddon. Strike Force Lightning (the players' characters) are forced to attempt to rendezvous with an extraction team as EDF casualties rise.

It is the first level in the game to feature the Daddy Long Legs, giant Ravager mechs that operate as land-based, weaponized carriers.

Basic InformationEdit

EDF IA 1-5 The Daddy

EDF IA 1-5 The Daddy

Fifth level gameplay footage

MISSION: The Daddy

OBJECTIVE: New Detroit

SECTOR: Residential District

Zero-Kill XP: 1,350 XP

Previous Mission: Ditchslap

Following Mission: Industry


  • Rendezvous with Ranger Squad 51 and secure the area.
  • Proceed to the Lander.
    • Clear out Gunships so Lander can leave.
      • Clear out Ravagers.
  • Destroy Daddy Long Legs by attacking the open spawning bay.
    • Eliminate all remaining resistance.
  • Head to the Rally Point at LZ. Lander inbound. (ENDS MISSION)


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