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See Turret for other things that are called turrets that aren't turrets.

A Turret is a stationary weapon treated as a Vehicle that appears exclusively in Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon.

Description Edit

All Turrets are single-seat fixed weapons only capable of traversing and elevating, with similar armor to a Mech. As with all vehicles in Insect Armageddon their armor and damage is scaled to the selected difficulty level, and they have infinite ammunition.

Types Edit

LN-RIP Autocannon Turret Edit

20161001030212 1

Lightning Alpha watches as a LN-RIP turret prepares to punish Kicker for his inability to realise he cannot fire rockets through it.

First appearing in mission 1-2: Firebase Clyde and later seen in 3-1: Downtown this is actually armed with Gatling guns rather than autocannons: six of them, to be exact. It is the weakest turret in terms of firepower and the only one which has any limit placed on its ability to fire, in the form of a heat gauge; if this is allowed to fill up entirely the guns will overheat and be rendered unable to fire until the bar has completely emptied.

The weapon fires shots in two groups and shoots slightly lower than the crosshair implies at close range, making it a little hard to aim.

Vepudu Anti-Tank Turret Edit

20161001150832 1

Lightning Alpha encounters the world's most heavily armed dumpster.

This rather useless variant only appears in mission 1-2: Firebase Clyde, where it is airdropped into the Firebase just before several Hectors show up. It is effectively a mounted tank cannon, with a slow rate of fire for powerful rounds with good splash damage, but unfortunately it has no secondary weapon for dealing with enemies at close range; the only options are to either get out or fire the gun point-blank and damage the turret.

The weapon also has a fairly puny firing effect which means if holding the fire button it is possible for a player to fire the weapon and not actually realise they have done so if they miss their target.

Aixela AA Turret Edit

20161001032332 1

"Wow, a 90s flight sim ride!"

The Aixela first appears in mission 1-3: On the Run, with two of them at an EDF firebase, and is later seen in 3-1: Downtown. This variant is a dedicated anti-aircraft gun with four barrels, firing powerful proximity-fused rounds which have significant splash damage and can easily take down the attacking Gunships with even a near miss. It fires more slowly than the LN-RIP, with the tradeoff being that it cannot overheat.

Unfortunately when the EDF says dedicated AA turret they mean it; the weapon's lower elevation limit is too high to level the guns at something on the ground, and the proximity fuses do not work on ground-based enemies no matter how close a shot passes to them.

SunCow 73 Missile Turret Edit

20161001172807 1

Powered by environmentally friendly weird green gas.

The final Turret variant is only seen in 2-4: Hectored, where two guard the EDF base the mission is centered around. As its name suggests, this version is equipped with homing missiles rather than a gun, with a fast lock-on and multiple missiles fired per shot. It is actually surprisingly powerful, even able to hold its own against the Hector Mk. II that shows up.

Since a huge swarm of enemies shows up partway through the mission and the launchers depend on locking on, they are both likely to be destroyed, but they are useful as extra health and damage while they are still around.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Japanese version they are referred to as the AN Ammonite series.
  • The device is not mounted on anything, armored or otherwise, and therefore is not actually a turret: it would be more correctly referred to as an emplacement or installation.

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