Underworld 2 is the twenty-seventh level in Global Defense Force and its port, Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space. The full-scale attack on the Buggernaut nest beneath an unspecified town continues. However, the Buggernauts have gotten wiser, and set up a trap, killing Fred and the rest of Squad 8 in the process.

Basic InformationEdit

Location: Unspecified

Explanation: Our full attack on the colonies is finally underway. The enemy is putting up a fierce defense, and we're taking heavily casualties, but we must accomplish this mission, no matter the cost. Soldiers! Keep driving down to the depths of he colonies and crush every bug you see!

Previous Mission: Underworld 1

Following Mission: Underworld 3



This level consists of three waves of enemies: first, a small group of Ants, followed by three squadrons of Bau, and a final large push of Ants. However, to survive one must keep in mind that the game has set a trap for you. During the first wave of Ants, one Ant will remain in the collapsed tunnels that the rest of the level revolves around; whatever you do, do not kill this Ant last. Instead, leave at least one other Ant alive and kill it, then leave the tunnels and kill that final Ant. This is because the Bau (spiders) will spawn in these tunnels and if you kill that enemy last, you will be completely surrounded and unlikely to survive, at least on your first play through.

The Bau can be split up into three clusters to make them easier to deal with. This is recommended as the Bau seem more adept at causing damage with their webs than regular Assault Spiders in other games.

With the Bau taken care of, a final wave will spawn further down. While it can be hard to pinpoint where they are on the map, if you continue forward from where the first two waves spawned you should run into them. This wave again consists only of Ants, but they are in greater quantities. Once these are all destroyed the mission will end. As usual, pick up any useful items such as Armor and Weapon drops before killing the final enemy.

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