• Scorpion Tank 123

    As it currently is, the level template is like this:

    Levels: Earth Defense Force 2025

    Chapter 1 Reconvene • Spreading Disaster • Winged War Goddess • Setting Sun • Wind Break • Underground Cave • Eruption • Retaliation • Beach Fear • The Return
    Chapter 2 Air Force • Day of the Demons • Takedown • Preventing Landfall • Land Collapse • Fortress Siege • Valley Shadows • Artillery • Breaking Through • Shining Stronghold
    Chapter 3 Into the Depths • A Trap • Giant Robots • Anchored • Silver City • Crimson • High Speed • Brute Force • Charge Phase 1 • Charge Phase 2
    Chapter 4 Charge Phase 3 • Thunder • Infiltration • Convergence • Inferno • Starship • Dense • Crossing • Search • Waterside Bugs
    Chapter 5 Annihilation • Natural Calamity • Steel Beas…

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  • Scorpion Tank 123

    OK first things first, I am currently updating the template to add 4.1 and the Eruginusu (Name for now).

    But first I am asking should I or can I? I mean I'm only going to be adding 1 new enemy and Keeping all the Old ones. Though for that I need to make a page for Eruginusu, I will do that too.

    Also I wanted to state that I'm going to Create a page for the 'Greater Wild dragon' as it has a very different appearnce from it's minions and it also has different attacks.

    Should I also make separate pages for the Mutants?

    I am writing this to make sure Everything I am doing won't make anyone mad and to gain any approval if needed. So Can I?

    Another thing I have the Template edited and the Greater Dragon Page created, so I just need the Ok.

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  • Scorpion Tank 123

    EDF 4.1!!!!

    October 4, 2014 by Scorpion Tank 123

    I really want to play this!! Giant monsters just like the Vallack BUT you will also have a giant robot! BIGGER than the Proteus!

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  • Scorpion Tank 123


    September 15, 2014 by Scorpion Tank 123

    Can we make pages for DLC enemies or should we just add the mutants to their original counter-parts? I was wondering this because I have not seen or heard any mention of the DLC enemies of 2025 on this website and wanted to know if we should add any info about these enemies. If so we should add the following:

    • Silver Spiders
    • Golden Ants
    • Red Dragons
    • Yellow Dragons
    • Silver King Spider
    • Golden Queen Ant 
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  • Scorpion Tank 123


    March 28, 2014 by Scorpion Tank 123

    Can anyone tell me how to change the enemy wasp into hornet ONLY for EDF 2025 because in 2025 wasp do not come out they are Japanese hornets.

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